5 Days at UNESCO World Heritage Monuments in the Central Region of Ghana


  • Kakum National Park
  • Hans Cottage Botel
    Elmina, St. Jago and Cape Coast Castles
    Region's Best Woodcarvers
    Traditional & Cultural Unions

  • The Central Region is the former government centre of the Gold Coast. Cape Coast was the seat of the British colonial administration up until 1877.

    The coastline is famous for its ancient forts and castles built by early European traders, and three of them at Elmina, St. Jago and Cape Coast have been identified as World Heritage Monuments by the World heritage Foundation under UNESCO.

    Throughout the Central Region there are welcoming hotels and restaurants, all an easy drive from Accra. If you are seeking to discover the historical links between Africa and the Americas and Europe, or just wanting to explore a culture that has its roots in another era, or just wanting to relax on a
    sun-dappled beach, then the Central Region must not be missed.

    Day1: Arriving at the Airport in Accra

    Your  plane lands or arrives in Accra, the capital town  of Ghana and AVA staff will take you from the airport to either a hotel in Accra for the first night or travel with you immediately to your site location and host family.

    Day2: Kakum National Park & Hans Cottage Botel

    You will be picked up from your Hotel and visit the Kakum National Park and the Assin Attadanso Resource Reserve , just 30km north of Cape Coast, is the foremost nature reserve in Southern Ghana and well worth a visit. Almost untouched virgin rainforest has been preserved as a habitat for birds, butterflies and rare local animals, and Kakum is most accessible, as it is very easy to reach from Accra.

    On our way back  from Kakum ,we will make a stop at Hans Cottage Botel one of most beautiful natural habitat that has been modified slightly to accomodate tourists. The "Botel" derived its name due to its proximity to the pristine lagoon which is home to crocodiles, turtles and many species of birds.

    Overnight at Hans Cottage Botel.

    Day3: Ghana’s Slave Castles: The Shocking Story of the Ghanaian Cape Coast

    After breakfast drive to the coast of Ghana and you will find a myriad of ancient castles and forts. Slaves were kept at Cape Coast Castle in dungeons while awaiting transport to the new world. Around 1000 male slaves and 500 female slaves occupied the castle at any one time in separate dungeons. Each slave would be locked up for 6 to 12 weeks, waiting for their turn to board one of the ships. The dungeons must have been unbearable with hundreds of slaves crammed in together and no toilet facilities.  There were only a few windows to let in fresh air, and a channel down the middle to carry away urine and feces which completely covered the floor of the dungeons.

    Proceed to the nearby Elmina Castle, also a major European slave trade fort, was established 155 years earlier than Cape Coast Castle.

    Overnight at Baobab Guest House

    Day4: Fishing Communities in & around Cape Coast

    After breakfast drive to the Region  famous palm-fringed beaches, fascinating fishing villages and historic towns, and rich natural attractions.

    You can join fisher folks and ride in canoe on the sea.

    Overnight at Baobab Guest House

    Day5: Other Visits

    After breakfast drive to the historic towns in the region that deserve a visit including Winneba, traditionally known as 'Simpa' Winneba and the University of Education; and Mensa Krom, home of some of the Region's best woodcarvers; Ajumako where the carvers specialise in royal regalia, stools, linguistic staffs and clan totems.

    $1350 USD per person
    $850 USD per person for two people
    $750 USD per person for 5-10 people

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