Canoe Trek

Lonely Planet describes Lake Bunyonyi as “A Scene from Lord of the Rings”

Lake Bunyonyi a feast for the eyes-and its crayfish a delight for the palate. Lake Bunyonyi – meaning the “place of little birds” is a restorative place, a place of solace, of rest, of quietness, of reflection. Lake Bunyonyi is one of those places in Uganda that is not to be missed.

Not be missed for its magical beauty that will simply delight, restore, and enjoy.  There are things that can you do here like swim in the Lake – it is one of the few lakes in Uganda that is Bilharzia Free.  You can paddle from island to island – be amazed what is transported by boat by the inhabitants of the islands, see some of the little birds and not so little ones.  Take walks on the Islands; visit the Monday or Friday market at Rutinda.  Simply one of the most scenic places in Uganda and for years a favorite getaway for many Ugandan during their holidays.

Lake Bunyonyi 2 Hour Canoe Trek

You will have had the chance to meet the local people and after we will go into our canoes and head to Bushara Island. You will do a nature walk around the Island. Stories and tales about Bunyonyi will be told as you walk through around the Island. You will then head to the punishment island, the island destination to dump pregnant yet unmarried girls. During the walk at Bushara, you be able to learn more about the vegetation and its use to the local people ranging from herbs to personal hygiene. Want More Details Click Here

1 Day Canoe Trek at Bunyonyi

Start from Rutindo trading centre at 9am and canoe across to the lush terraced hillsides of the Kyabahinga peninsula. There, when school is in session, we will be able to meet the children at school and singing and dancing by the children will be presented and you are allowed to join them (dance). Want More Details Click Here

3 Day Trek

We will get our paddles and canoes and head to Bushara. We will have a walk through the forest at Bushara and we will learn how nature can be useful to the local community ranging from herbs to hygiene. A glass of passion juice will be served here. Remember taking passion juice means being passionate. Want More Details Click Here