Local Trips

Meet the local people and spend an afternoon with them, have a meal together or stay with them. It’s more than a safari in Africa. Uganda is perfect for an adventure in Africa. The land is safe, the people are friendly and to experience the nature is awesome. African Volunteers Adventure enables you to have direct access to work and live with the local people in the villages and communities and hence impact their lives.

African Volunteer Adventures is working together with community organizations. This gives you the opportunity to meet the local people of Africa and visit local tribes. It’s not a treasure to see Africa without meeting the local people, so shape your safari with local people!

Rural Community Adventure Local Holiday

You will visit local brewer communities; take part in the local gin processing activities and learn the entire process – you can keep a sample to take back home! Compliment that by visiting a local bar selling only local brew.
Exploring traditional fishing villages; learn the traditional fishing methods by engaging in the fishing activities, interact with the fishermen and learn about their way of survival; and above all, observe water birds & wildlife at fishing site or lake, on the treetops, etc Want More Details Click Here

Volunteer Holiday in Uganda

Whole day at Lake Bunyonyi; you can choose among the various activities. The activities include canoeing, birding, cycling, and sun bathing, community walk, swimming and fishing. You will get a chance to visit the ‘Punishment Island’ Want More Details Click Here

Local Trips Tanaznia

Voluntours will travel from their host families (2+ people together with staff members) to visit local communities. During the evening they return back to their host families. These are full day local trips include:-

  1. Kibwegele Trip - Schools

Volunteers will conduct capacity building workshops in Primary and Secondary schools in Kibamba community in rural areas in Dar es Salaam region.

  1. Mkulanga Trip

Volunteers will meet adolescents in villages that are victims of early pregnancy and forced marriage. Raising awareness of their rights can increase the age at marriage, girls’ confidence and their perception of their ability to make decisions about marriage and childbearing. Also visit at research center near the village.

  1. Day City Trips

Volunteers will at orphanages /child and sun mentoring center to spend some time with poor children and orphans. Our aims is to changed people’s perception from seeing these children as criminals but children who need help for their future betterment Also a trip at disability center of fine arts.

NB: All full day local trips will cost $30USD to $50USD per person, includes: transportation (go and return from host family), foods and gifts giving.